So, the steam awards. What to nominate to the better with friends award. I did want to play multiplayer/coop games but played 0 MP/coop titles this year.

I'm so lazy that I have "put your clothes in the dresser" on my to-do list for a month.

Seriously we have too few allies and too many enemies. Like conservatives and TERFs are obviously not my friends, cis LGB people can be shitheads, chasers are dehumanizing us, and truscums are like 80% of Japanese trans* community. Ah truscums. We should have that word in Japan.

The conversation was great. How many people can talk about how HRT in Japan not being covered by NHI sucks or how Gold Finger's apology (it's old news but) sucks bc "we aren't transphobic, we're a bar for lesbians but we have FTM days" means they view trans guys as just... butch

I don't always talk about trans stuff irl, but we were chatting in an izakaya and there was a trans dude in my group. So we had an interesting conversation, like how cis LGB people can be shitheads. Even some "activists" are treating same-sex marriage like the ultimate goal, ugh.

I explained what TERFs are to my friend's friend. Basically I said that the majority of TERFs are transphobic people who jumped to the TERF theory bc that affirms their transphobic view. He said so... ol' transphobia pretending to be feminism? Yeah exactly. I'm so proud of him.

Oh I stumbled upon a protest against ICE-style camps for refugees in Japan at Shinjuku. I totally support the protesters. I mean, concentration camps for refugees? Wtf Japan that's fucked up. I'm ashamed of my country. Is there any praxis I can do for them...?

Wait so antifa ppl were doing a protest... rave at Harajuku today? I was so close to going to Harajuku but decided not to b/c was too sleepy... Ugh missed a rare opportunity to use my red and black flag. Kinda sad.

@FNB_Japan Hi, I was looking for a FNB chapter in Tokyo area but the website was down, so I'm not sure how to contact them and participate in their activities. Oh and I'm bit confused about FNB Yokosuka and FNB Japan. Looks like they are not really two separate chapters?

What's the name for socdem but without the democracy part

That was a weirdly specific too realistic and gross dream. I don't even remember dream most of the days. What was that ugh...

Had a nightmare. CW: transphobia, bad politics 

Had a nightmare. CW: transphobia, bad politics 

Had a nightmare. CW: transphobia, bad politics 

I don't even like utaite in general but did mafumafu just come out as a girl? She even got a whole music video for her coming out lol. Aaaaand as usual cis nonsense in the comments haha... sigh


fucking sports day tomorrow. undokai?? more like unko die


I was at a Sichuan hotpot restaurant in Tokyo. The wait was long but they had a queue notification thing so we didn't have to wait at the place for the whole time. But that was on WeChat, in Chinese. I had to install that and use Google Translate. Authentic Chinese experience 8/8

そういえば一昨日くらいに新宿駅でぶつかってくるマンと出会ったんですよ。だいぶ強めに当たってきてその後ふしぎなおどりをしてから次のターゲットに向かっていったやべーやつだった。確か彼らは基本女性にしかやらないらしいのでvalidated by misogynyですね。